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Sickle Cell Myths…What have you heard?

What are some of the myths that you have heard about sickle cell patients? I guess you have been bombarded with so many and have believed some of them. Well, today, I intend to debunk some of these myths.

If you have Sickle Cell you will die young

Excuse me ma…please that is not true!

In the past, many people were dying from sickle cell because health professionals were still trying to figure it out – in fact, like all other aliments, I would say research is ongoing to find a permanent solution to all the complications associated with the condition.

Lack of education about the disease hindered many individuals from accessing the right medical help they needed. Today, there are so many people with sickle cell who have lived well into their years, in fact, my own mother is above 60, even though she lost her twin sister to sickle cell very early in life and was told that she too would not live long.

God is good ooo! Man may say what they want but when God speaks, nothing can change it. Life is unpredictable! People are dying at very young ages from all kinds of diseases. It is important to know that having the sickle cell condition is not a death sentence, you can live a long and amazing life.

People with Sickle Cell are immune to malaria

Hahaahaa….this one makes me laugh. I don’t think the mosquitos in my house heard this memo. I have gotten malaria so many times. However, there is some evidence to show that people who carry the sickle cell trait are less likely to experience severe forms of malaria and they may have a higher childhood survival rate.

Sickle Cell anemia only affects Black people

Nope, this is not true. SCD has been found in many races across the world. It is often found in areas where malaria is common and even though it originated from sub-saharan Africa, the condition has spread far and wide and today we find it with different races such as Hispanics and Arabs etc.

Sickle Cell is contagious

No please. This is absolutely not true. Sickle cell cannot be passed on just by sneezing, it is a blood condition, therefore, one can only have sickle cell when parents pass on an abnormal hemoglobin gene. A person cannot be infected by the blood of someone who has sickle cell or one who even has the trait.

Well, I hope that this posts addresses some thoughts you may have had about sickle cell. The more we know about it, the less stigma we attach to it and hopefully help others who have the condition. What are some myths that you have heard?

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