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Surprise Christmas Package – How did it go?

Welcome back! The Lord has been goooood and I am so grateful for how far He has brought us. We all know and experienced how 2020 was but God saw us through. We are here!!! 2020 has been tough and my heart goes out to all who have lost anything in 2020 and I pray and hope that this new year is full of love, peace, joy and all that your heart desires!!

So, during the Christmas break, I made noise about the Surprise Christmas Package Project I was working on. I did this project to spread a little Christmas cheer to International students who couldn’t go home during the break or just didn’t have anyone to spend the holidays with.

It can be hard being in a different land, different culture and so far away from family and COVID made it worse because you couldn’t travel, even if you wanted to. So, this is how this project came about and I want to scream THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who donated money and items for the packages, shared the posts, submitted names of those who should receive the packages, spread the word about the project, prayed for the project and did anything in your own way to support this project. I really appreciate you and God will bless you for all you abunduntly!!

Shopping Time!

To give a recap of what we did, we were able to raise $670 …. yaaaaay! Thank you so much! We created 33 packages in total and each package contained items such as drinks, cookies, candy, a mug, hand sanitizer, hot chocolate, canned food etc. We created 3 family packages which contained a double portion of these items and then we included $40 cash into each of these packages. We also used some of the donations we received to provide some more food items for new international students who had just arrived in Athens. Thank you so much for making this possible!!!

Ready for delivery!!
Well, we can’t go anywhere if the car is stuck in the snow right?

On Christmas day, my family and I went out to distribute these packages. I won’t lie it was not an easy task, especially climbing all those storms and driving through the very snowy and icy Athens, but we did it!!!! It was a fulfilling and rewarding experience and we are glad that we got to do this project this year. This project would not have been possible without your donations and thank everyone who helped put this together, which includes the shopping I did with my husband and putting together our final list with Samba and doing the rounds in the morning with my brother and my good friend Doreen! Everyone played a part and I am extremely grateful!

Thank you again for all the support and all the help!!! GOD BLESS YOU PLEEEENTYYY!

Many of the items we got…took up all the space in my little home!
Delivery done.

A few of the packages ready for distribution
Super helpful squad! Thank you for your help!

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